About us

Armored Haven Security exists to bring affordable security services to the people who sustain the country. We are backed with a vast array of experience gained in military, joint defense, contracting, and financial service industry experience. Armored Haven provides all services rooted in Biblical Christian integrity and excellence. 

Why us?

Armored Haven is a swiss army knife of security, able to secure the least to the most complex systems and environments, digital and physical. We are not only superbly positioned to serve your SMB or government office, but we are also the ONLY RESIDENTIAL CYBERSECURITY PROVIDER in the region!

The only home and residentail cybersecurity provider in the region!

Compliance: NIST, HIPAA, FERPA, APIPA, CIP, and more!

Physical Security: technology stack and criminal deterrence

Multi-Cloud Security: Amazon, Google, and Oracle

Targeted Services: MFA, Vulnerability Scanning, Training

Armored Origins

Derrek Arce, CEO & Founder

Derrek spent 15 years in the military, serving primarily as a cryptologic warfare officer in the US Navy. After leaving the military service he continued in the cybersecurity industry, serving the nation as a defense contractor. He began noticing the dearth of resources and services being offered to the core of America: families, SMBs, and local governments. He also found that there were no faith-based companies working in this field. In response he founded Armored Haven Security with the goal of helping to secure America's heartland and families, at an affordable cost, founded on Christian principles. As a Christian, husband, and father, has a passion to help secure the future of our nation. 

Securitas in Christo solum