Business Services

Armored Sentinel 
Managed Security Service

Armored Haven Security's new Armored Sentinel managed security service provides cutting edge protection to your business, from the cloud to your work station. 


A totally modular platform, Armored Sentinel allows you to purchase the right level of security for your team and expand as you have the need. Complete with automated security response and local incident response included*, Armored Sentinel gives you peace of mind without interruption to what your team does best.


Whether you use Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Dropbox or others, Armored Sentinel provides the protection you need! Perfect for retailers, manufacturing, NPOs, schools, and government. 


*Local incident response available in Northwest Arkansas region only at this time; includes NE OK, SE MO

Ad-Hoc Business Security

Whether you're concerned about the security of your business online, have compliance requirements you need to ensure you meet, or just want to stay out of the headlines as yet another business that has been breached, you need competent security professionals but not full-time.


That is where Armored Haven fills your need. With nearly 20 years of security security & IT experience, we are ready to provide whatever you may need. Security assessments -- you're covered. Training your workforce to avoid dangers -- we have your back. Boosting network and computer security -- you'll be Armored Up. Ransomware prevention -- we're your bodyguard. Compliance assessments and improvements -- we'll help you pass.


When you need help but don't have the in-house expertise & need it done quickly, Armored Haven is here to provide the highest caliber security services. We have experience in the following, non-exhaustive technologies & compliance frameworks: 

  • Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft 365/Google Workspace