At Armored Haven Security, we believe that every home will benefit from commercial-level cybersecurity & privacy assistance. That's why we have made that same commercial & military-grade service available to everyone at an affordable cost. At the core, every business and every home need the same things:


🎯 protect their information online

🎯 protect their safety online

🎯 reduce their risk of being hacked


Every situation and home has different needs, so every service is customized. That means that pricing can take a variety of ranges, though we make one definite promise: we'll honor our word and you'll be satisifed or your money back

Family Safety Services

Our family safety service comes in three tiers, all of which are affordable and offer protection & accountability for the whole family.


Armor: Setup of family safety and/or accountability software, walk-through of security best practices for the family, and network security assessment.


Outpost: Armored + content filter setup for home network and network security configuration if needed


Fortress: Armored + Outpost + dedicated ad-crushing hardware setup to enhance family safety.

Connected & Secured 

There's no escaping that our society is increasingly connected and that it's hard NOT to be. Don't let the fears of what may happen keep you from maximizing your connection with kids, parents, and grandparents. With this service, we can establish a custom family domain name for you with either Gmail or Microsoft Office (Outlook) and secure it for a low monthly cost with enterprise-level security. You will not only get anti-virus on your desktops & laptops, but you'll also gain email security, data exfiltration protection, and more. Imagine resting assured that not only are your kids not going to accidentally expose your family, but that you can keep your parents and grandparents safe from scammers. Not to mention it comes with 24/7 support for any hiccups that may come along the way.