Small Business Security

As a small business, we understand that each business comes with unique needs. That's why we offer a full suite of services for use cases raning from the simple, to some of the most complex in moderate sized enterprises. We offer services catering to various industries including:

  • Medical practices
  • Law Offices
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance (including servicing YOUR customers seeking cyber insurance!)
  • Retail

Security & Compliance  Assessments

Vulnerability Scanning

Ransomware Preparation


Security Governance & Strategy 

Cloud Security Engineering

Network & Host Security

Physical Security Assessments

Cyber Insurance Preparation

Security Gun-for-Hire

Home Cyber Security & Privacy

As one of the few family cybersecurity providers, we are here to help secure your digital presence, increase the family safety online, and help in the setup of tech tools. We take an educational approach, not just completing the service, but equipping you to be safer and more knowledeable in the future. We back all services with a satisfaction guarantee and the option for continued support.

Secure WiFi Setup

Online Privacy Enhancements

Data Backup Configuration

Child Safey & Accountability Setup

Cyber Hygiene Assessmenty

Cyber Incident Response for Home


We recognize the importance of our local farmers, ranchers, coops, and all those that support them. Whether you need help in securing your agribusiness networks, coop networks, backing up important business data, or anything "smart" on your farm or ranch, Armored Haven is here to support you with onsite assistance. 

Farm/Ranch Network Security 

Coop Network Security

Coop Network Security

Home Office Security

Data Backup Configuration

Business security

Local Government & Schools

Keeping communities safe is important for Armored Haven, which is why we are proud to serve our local government offices and schools. We offer any and all of the above service offerings listed above, with a focus on state and FERPA regulatory compliance. In addition we offer the following:

Low-cost cyber bullying courses

Free one-time cybersecurity seminars

Security Awareness Training

Security & IT Support

B2B/Corp-to-Corp Contracting

Backed by a lengthy record in an array of cybersecurit and IT fields, Armored Haven is positioned to fulfill ad-hoc, contract-based jobs for all services above. We also have expertise in the following services: 

NIST 800-53 Compliance

Cloud Engineering: Infrastructure

Cloud Security: AWS, GCP, OCI

Regulatory Compliance

Utility Provider & Distributors

Armored Haven is branching into the utility provider and distributor security space, aiming to aid providers in implementing best practices as defined by the Critical Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the supporting industry assocations and regulators. Considerable discounts are available for this sector due to their critical nature, often scant budgets, and it being a new business sector for Armored Haven.

Compliance: CIP, FERC, NIST, APSC

Physical Site Security

Independent Security Validation

Vulnerability Scanning